Meaningful financial contribution is expected from the owners, shareholders or any other direct or indirect partners of our groups.

Establishing local and international involvement and partnerships with other companies in different projects is one of our company policy's.

AIT prefers to obtain financial support from financial institutes in a timely manner in order to emphasize its own development.

We are willing to buy or takeover those industries that are not having positive outcomes, since we believe our experience and knowledge in management can help to upgrade those industries by expansion and modernization and our equity office ready for any negotiation around the Globe in this regard.

We follow the normal policy of the company and the procedure of its operations. The strategy of investments of Almira Industrial & Trading Corporation is to be the primary driving force of commercially sustainable in industrial development and innovation to the benefit of all our partners and shareholders. One of our main objectives is to expand our activities in Central Asia, Middle East and African nations in the near future.

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