AIT has its principal development activities in the United States and abroad. We also plan to expand our businesses in the years ahead to Central Asia as well as the Middle East for the purpose of exploration, developing partnerships for new refineries in the Persian Gulf, and ultimately entering into contracts and JV's for the purchase of crude oil.
Our plan is to enter into negotiation with one of the governmental entities in the Gulf area for the development of liquefied natural gas (LNG).
For further information concerning the acquisition or sale of crude oil and any related distillates, you can contact any of our operational offices and they will be able to serve your requests or provide the appropriate office to best suit your demands or requirements.
Petrochemical Products: We have been involved in petrochemical products trading for many years and therefore are able to make arrangements directly with the producers at competitive prices according to your demands.
For your convenience, we have listed below some of the petrochemical products that we can provide.

Thermoplastics: Resins / Grade •PET or PET, APET – (Poly ethylene Terephthalate) used for Polyester fibers, thermoformed sheet, strapping, soft drink bottles, battle resin CPET. •HDPE, (High density polyethylene) in several grads.
a) Blow molding: Copolymer (HIC) - Homo polymer (Dairy)
b) Drums: Injection-General Purpose
c) Extrusion: Film (HMW) – film (MMW) Pipe (HMW) Pipe MMW) - Sheet- Rot molding, powder.
 d) General: Bottles, grocery bags, agricultural pipe, playground equipment, plastic lumber.
•LDPE, (Low density polyethylene) Injection: General purpose – Lid resin Extrusion: Coating, Paper, Film, Liner, Clarity film.

In general, for plastic bags, various containers, wash bottles, tubing, various molding laboratory equipment. •Acrylic •PVC (poly vinyl chloride), Suspension resin: Injection, general –purpose – Pipe grade – Dispersion resin: homopolymer, G-P, Window or Profile PVC and corrugated sheets filter for different purpose. •Nylon 6 and Nylon 66, •PS, EPS, HIPS, GPPS (Polystyrene); Crystal: Injection, general purpose- High-heat Extrusion: injection – high-heat- Flame-retardant-EPS, cups, desk accessories, cafeteria trays, toys, video cassettes and cases, insulation board. •PP: (Poly propylene) Auto parts and industrial fibers, Homo polymer: Injection, general purpose Extrusion: Fiber- Film, profiles-sheet Random Copolymer: Injection Film Blow Molding: impact copolymer High- impact •ABS: ( Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) injection: Medium Impact- High impact – pipe fittings flame retardant Extrusion: pipe-sheet- blends/alloys •PTA: (Purified Terephthalic Acid) •SBR: (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) & many other products. We buy and sell plastic scrap: •PVC: clear / blue tint bales or Regrind •HDPE, LDPE & PP (ALL GRADES / FORMS) •BUYING = PC- ABS- NYLON 6 & 66- ACRYLIC – PURGINGS- SURPLUS VIRGIN. – HIPS- PP- PE. •PMMA- PP- SILICON RUBBER – PS - PET- PP- ABS – PPO-BPA-PBT SAN- PE. •PVC= (Polyvinyl chloride) Pipe, fencing, and non food bottles RIGID- REGRIND- BLISTER- PELLETS •PIPE- BARRELS- BUCKETS-IBC. Please contact us for further arrangement of purchasing your Scrap as regrind, Bell or as is. Gas and Chemicals including Fertilizer Products: Gas a) LPG (Butane & Propane) b) Ethylene & Propylene c) DPG (Dry pyrolysis Gasoline) and Heavy End (Gasoline Blend Stock) d) Butadiene & Pentane Plus Chemical Benzene- Para Xylene- Ortho Xylene- Methanol- Acetic Acid - Ethanol Amine( EA)- Ethylen Di Chloride ( EDC) – Ethoxylates- Ethylene Glycol- LAB ( Linear Alkyl Benzene) – HAB (Heavy Alkyl Benzene). Fertilizers Sulfur – Sulfuric Acid- Urea – Ammonia –Ammonium Nitrate.
We would be more than happy to supply any of the mentioned petrochemical products according to the international price value on base of FOB and or C&F. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our focus is to increase our business function through good relations with our sources and to enhance our marketing and distribution.
AIT plans to grow through a combination of continued good short term performance, coupled with ongoing strategies of long term growth, earning power and to generate excellent result from operations. One of our main objectives is to expand our activities in Central Asia, Middle East and African nations in the near future. .

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