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Metal Trading




AIT has its principal development activities in the United States and abroad. We also plan to expand our businesses in the years ahead to Central Asia as well as the Middle East for the purpose of exploration,

The trading division of AIT is involved in physical commodities trade of any credible legal instrument, and will seek out buyers or sellers that are interested to trade, buy, sell or barter to any non-sanctioned nation. 

The focus of our business activities are to maintain national interest in strengthening food services. We execute tasks relating to the supply and purchase of farming products between countries.

AIT Metal and Electronic Recycling provides a full range of comprehensive scrap management services and advanced scrap handling equipment to all types of industrial accounts.

Welcome to Almira Corporation

AIT was established to pursue and carry on industrial and business activities in the nature of organizations and work domestically and internationally in the fields of ferrous and nonferrous metals, oil and gas, agriculture, and investment. We also enter into partnership's, union of interests, co-operating, joint venture's, with any company's in the fields mentioned.

Our focus is to increase our business function through good relations with our sources and to enhance our marketing and distribution. AIT plans to grow through a combination of continued good short term performance, coupled with ongoing strategies of long term growth, earning power and to generate excellent result from operations. One of our main objectives is to expand our activities in Central Asia, Middle East and African nations in the near future.

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